Starting a business during an economic downturn is not something you see everyday. But by God’s grace is how Freedomtax Accounting was started. We felt it was our mission to honor God with the talents, and skills we have been given. We offer quality, professional service with a family feel. The U.S. investment market if full of opportunities to build wealth, but the ever-changing IRS tax code can be very complex, and challenging for foreign national investors. Freedomtax International offers custom tailored solutions for every case. Our experience has shown that not every case is the same. That is why to take time to really research every case needs, and offer custom designed solutions to our clients.


  • Experience. Almost 20 years of experience in international real estate accounting
  • No Tax, or Accounting Work We Can’t Do. Our team is made up of a cast of tax accountants, business accountants, IRS Certified Tax Preparers, CPA (CPA services provided by third party provider), IRS Enrolled Agents, IRS Certified Acceptance Agents, QuickBooks Pro Advisors, and Business Consultants.
  • One Stop Shop. We not only help real estate investors, and FIRPTA service.  We also do Bookkeeping, Tax Return Prep, IRS Audit Defense, Tax Debt Relief, IRS Tax Problems, ITIN Numbers, Tax Id’s, Immigration, and more…..all in one place.
  • Local, National, & Worldwide Services. We are certified by the federal government to represent individuals, and corporations in front of the IRS in all 50 USA states. Our technology allows us to serve you any where in the world.


  • To help every client that wants to build wealth in the U.S. real estate market, and needs comprehensive tax planning to tackle the ever-changing IRS tax code for foreign national investors. To make our clients feel like family, with good communication, and personal care for our client’s success, and prosperity, both financial and spiritual. Our U.S. real estate tax accountants


  • To be a highly respected real estate tax accounting firm that doesn’t just offer tax, and business services, but to create a professional environment that honors God, and a place filled with peace, and genuine care for the lives of the individuals that enter our office doors.  That our clients enjoy peace of mind that their interests are being cared for by a team that enjoys working with them, and one another.


Julian Vasquez, EA

CEO / President

Irma Vasquez


Robert Acevedo, EA, CAA

Office Manager

Carmen Huertas, CAA

Account Manager

Danny Martinez

Account Manager

Carlos D. Hurst

Business Developer

Jesus B. Rodriguez, CAA

ITIN & Tax Specialist

Carol Cristalino

Immigration Consultant


“Our organization has been working with the Freedomtax team for almost 12 years now. For our foreign national real estate clients they open up their LLC business, they handle all the complex FIRPTA Withholding Certificate forms, and they even help our clients get their ITIN numbers safely and quickly.  They really make us and our clients feel like family. ”

Angela Wong – China Real Estate Pro