Why Our FIRPTA Service is Awesome

  • We Prepare ALL Required FIRPTA Forms, Affidavits, and Certificates
  • Don’t Pay Unnecessary IRS Taxes, Penalties, or Interests.
  • Get Back Your FIRPTA Funds FASTER!
  • Personalized Service Saves You Time, Money, and Frustration. Yes…you actually get to speak to a real estate tax accountant.
  • Online Technology Allows Us to Help You Anywhere In The World
  • We Work With You During The Entire Process
  • If Required, We Apply For Your ITIN Tax Id Number – All In One Place.
  • We Can Work With Your Current CPA or Tax Accountant to Finish Your FIRPTA Withholding Certificate

If you have any questions please contact us at 407-344-1012 or complete the form below. To learn more about the FIRPTA Withholding Certificate please CLICK HERE.