When is FIRPTA Affidavit Required

When is FIRPTA affidavit required? This question often comes to an individual’s mind when they deal with real estate property. Those individuals who are new to investing in real estate property likely ask when is FIRPTA affidavit required. But before we take the plunge to explaining when is FIRPTA affidavit is required, you should understand [...]

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FIRPTA Withholding

When a buyer thinks about purchasing a real estate property, they think about it twice because of the FIRPTA withholding policy. If the seller of the real estate property is a foreign person, the buyer may get confused about purchasing the property. This is because they would be liable to pay the taxes as per [...]

A Foreigner Selling Property in The USA

United States of America has one of the biggest and most flourishing markets of property and real estate. People within the USA and outside of it show extreme interest in the buying and selling of properties. In addition, regardless of the fact that there are so many rules, laws and decrees pertaining to the buying [...]

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Foreigner Selling Property in USA

If there is ever a market that is always soaring and nothing dissuades it except a natural or human catastrophe, then it is the ever consistent real estate market in the USA. A wise and a smart person with money to invest will always aim to buy a property there and if they already have [...]

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Tax tips for foreign nationals investing in U.S. real estate

Investing in another country always a big decision and if it involves buying U.S real estate then the task becomes even more complex. How U.S citizens can buy real estate in the United States is well- documented. However, little information is available about how foreign nationals should invest in U.S real estate. For foreigners investing [...]

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