When is FIRPTA Affidavit Required

When is FIRPTA affidavit required? This question often comes to an individual’s mind when they deal with real estate property. Those individuals who are new to investing in real estate property likely ask when is FIRPTA affidavit required. But before we take the plunge to explaining when is FIRPTA affidavit is required, you should understand [...]

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How to Get FIRPTA Withholding Back

Florida, Michigan, Ohio, California and various other states in the US are dream investment opportunities for property buyers. Although these markets are very tempting for both native and foreign buyers, but in case you are new to the whole ordeal, you’ll learn that anywhere in the US, the talks and dealings of a property are [...]

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How Can FIRPTA Withholding Certificate Save Me Money On Taxes

FIRPTA stands for The Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act. The Act states that the buyer of an interest in U.S. real estate property must withhold a certain percentage of the purchase price if the seller of the U.S. based property is a foreign national. If the buyer of the property does not withhold [...]

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FIRPTA Withholding

When a buyer thinks about purchasing a real estate property, they think about it twice because of the FIRPTA withholding policy. If the seller of the real estate property is a foreign person, the buyer may get confused about purchasing the property. This is because they would be liable to pay the taxes as per [...]

FIRPTA Affidavit

What is FIRPTA affidavit? Knowing this is extremely important. Therefore, we must find out what FIRPTA affidavit refers to. Abbreviation of ‘Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax act’, FIRPTA is used to gather taxes due on sale of property which non-tax paying foreign entities or individuals own. Either ten or fifteen of the gross sales [...]

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How to Avoid FIRPTA Withholding

Are you dealing in real estate property? If yes, then you may be pondering over how to avoid FIRPTA withholding? This question may come to the mind of the buyers who are interested to buy a real estate property from a foreign owner. Since the foreign sellers of the real estate property are not the [...]

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What Does FIRPTA Stand For?

Regardless of whether the person is a local investor or a non-resident (foreign) investor, it is obligatory for them to pay taxes. For foreigners, it is difficult to reside in the United States. They either have to get employment or develop and direct their own business in the United States to do so. While some [...]

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